About Us

" We Improve the health of humans, animals and environment through phage research "

About us


A Collaborative Network of African phage researchers to promote and sensitize phage research in Africa.

Vision: To improve human lives through phage research.

Mission Statement: To provide a platform that encourages scholarship, collaboration and mentorship among researchers and for the advancement of phage research in Africa.

Who are we? We are African phage researchers at the early and mid-career level, brought together while seeking solutions to the common challenges we were facing as phage scientists in the developing world/third world. In our quest, we realized that there are more phage scientists in Africa, working in isolation and facing the same challenges. To this end we formed the platform; Africa Phage Forum (APF) for phage researchers in Africa to engage (share ideas, experiences, resources, and opportunities) and network with a common goal of improving human life through phage research.

What we do

1. Motivate and mentor phage research students (undergraduate/postgraduate) in African Universities:

a. Share affordable protocols for efficient phage experimental processes

b. Link to affordable commercial phage research service providers e.g. for          sequencing, TEM etc

c. Form North-South collaborations for possible support on phage research services e.g TEM

2. Encourage and work towards South-South multidisciplinary collaborative work among phage scientists in a bid to solve problems tailored to the African context.

3. Bridging phage research and policy implementation at national levels, using research-based evidence to improve development policy, programs and practice.